Henry Birtles Horse Racing Broadcast Rights 'image'
Henry Birtles Horse Racing Broadcast Rights 'image'
Henry Birtles Horse Racing Broadcast Rights 'image'

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Henry Birtles Associates (HBA) is a sports media consultancy specialising in broadcast rights for television and sports marketing innovation. Representing federations and global networks, we are leaders in the promotion of Horse Racing through broadcast and multi-media platforms. Talk to us about a strategic package of top international races for your network. Read More >

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  • Bolt v Frankel: Human athletes are getting faster but not so for horses

    Almost every record in athletics has been broken repeatedly over the last 50 years.  Yet horse race times are stagnating.  Why is this?  Why are humans getting faster on the track while horses are not?

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  • South African racing now on Dubai Racing Channel

    Great news that Dubai Racing Channel is further broadening its porfolio of international racing by adding 85 of South Africa's Group 1,2,3 and Listed races. 

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  • France Galop to launch new flat racing series

    French Galop has just announced the launch of its own 'Racing Series' in 2015 and is investing in improved visitor experience to attract a wider audience.

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